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The Making

From executives in tall rises to children in schools and hard working professionals toiling in harsh working conditions, each have different expectations from their footwear. Liberty, the largest manufacturer and supplier of safety shoes in India understands those needs and meets them with 9 different brands, each specialised for a different user group. Warrior Professional Gear is for people who have rough terrain as their offices and want high standards of safety and comfort in their footwear. Products bearing the Warrior badge come at very affordable prices and are certified for performance.

Liberty is today an internationally trusted footwear company but it was not so when our visionary founder Mr. P. D Gupta found it. He saw the potential in a loss making shoe manufacturing unit and turned its fortune forever. Not only had the company undergone a radical change in its philosophies, today the company is more than a footwear maker it's a trusted name in every household in India and abroad in over 25 nations.

Liberty produces 75000+ pairs a day and delivers it across its wide international sales network. It is the lone Indian company in the top 5 footwear makers list worldwide. The shoes are available in two different options. The high neck version has better hold of the ankle and prevents twists and sprains even in bad terrains. The low neck version is preferred by wearers looking for openness in their footwear and appreciates free movement over ankle protection.

The shoes have been tested to withstand 200 Joules impact and up to 1000 mega Ohm static energy. Materials used in the shoes prevent slips, shocks, offers better weather protection and is highly flexible.

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Looking for Safety Shoes manufacturers in India? Warrior, Liberty Group a leading safety shoes suppliers in India.
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